The Kingdom of Thailand… The magic of these words attracts travelers from all over the world to the magnificent islands, the incredible color of the streets, the variety of food and, most importantly, to complete harmony, no matter how trivial it may sound.
Many those who come here to relax, think about moving to live for a short time or to buy real estate in the resort areas of Thailand. Our company specializes in selling real estate on the island of Phuket. This is the largest island in Thailand and the most promising resort area. Magnificent beaches, incredibly beautiful nature, affordable prices for everything you need for life - this and much more makes you think seriously about moving and investing in Phuket. Speaking about the resort real estate immediately appears a bungalow on the beach with a mandatory view of the sea. On the types of real estate Phuket, we'll talk in other articles. Here I want to describe the island, so, you understand what areas of the island are still better to invest money.

Phuket is located 50 km from North to South and 21 km from West to East. In the real estate format, the island can be divided into a resort area (real estate that is close to the beaches) and the central part of the island. The difference in price, respectively, as the closer to the beach the higher the price is. At this time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find real estate that is very close to the beach and in our understanding, investment property in Phuket should be in the resort area, as in the rental format it will bring more profit, although there are exceptions. During the realtor practice, we derived our classification of real estate in Phuket areas:

1. The southern part of the island. There are districts of Rawai, Naiharn. Family holidays - this is how many of these areas are positioned, for me personally, they are very calm and at the same time very strongly developed areas. There are a huge selection of restaurants, a large children's park, an incredibly beautiful lake on Naiharn and much more. The south of the island is suitable for those people who are considering a possible move to permanent residence in the future, as many good Villas and condominium projects have been built. At the moment, in our opinion, it is the most populated area in Phuket. Regardless of the season in the South, property for rent is always well rented; therefore it brings a good income. For investment, one of the most interesting areas is unequivocal!

2. The central resort part of the island are districts Karon, Kata, Patong. Tit is the most resort area on the resort island, if we talk about Patong, then the entire tourist life of the island originally began with it, then mastered the areas of Kata and Karon. There are a large number of hotels of any level and class, a variety of restaurants, massage parlors, bars, Thai markets and much more. The side effect of the development and wide infrastructure of the district is the high price of real estate. Certainly, projects in this area are very highly profitable in leasing and have good potential for resale. By the way, my personal observation, those projects that are only being built in these areas, usually located further from the beaches and closer to the hills surrounding each of these areas, have a lower cost. There is a very large selection of properties in these areas, and if you want, the consultants of our company will help you understand which project are more profitable and reliable.

3. The northern part of the island. The northern part we call the areas Kamala, Surin, Bangtao, Knighton, Nayang. Yes, it is quite a large category, and it could be divided into several subcategories, but we will not. They are quite developed areas, with extensive infrastructure and beautiful beaches. Property prices are slightly lower than in densely populated tourist areas P.2, but they are also quite high. Phuket 'Rublevka' - Laguna District (sometimes say realtors) is located next to the beach of Bang Tao - this area deserves special attention, as this is an elite property, at very affordable prices. A large territory, a variety of projects (from small apartments in condominiums to luxury Villas right on the beach) - more details about the Lagoon will be told by our specialists, you can get a free consultation by filling out an application on the site. Area Knight is very small and has several projects at an attractive price, its advantage is privacy. Well, Naiyang is a beach, near the airport, a low price for projects, developed infrastructure and 10 minutes to the airport, what else is needed for a good rest? The only drawback of the areas Knighton and Nayang is the lack of large shopping centers nearby; you need to get to Patong or the center of the island. But if you need a quiet rest and shopping in the shopping center is not principle, then this is an ideal choice. By the way, according to the population, the Nayang district is almost equal to the south of the island.

4. Super – The northern part of the island. So we call the beach in May-Kao, in my opinion, it is the most promising area for investments in Phuket. If you look at 7-10 years ahead, there are only very expensive hotels with its huge territory and only a few projects. The price is very attractive, for a long-term investment option is ideal. There are not enough projects in the area of ​​the Makao beach, but there is practically no free land, everything has been bought out by large developers, which means that in the near future the development of territories and construction boom will begin.

Interesting fact: The only water park on the island is in the area of ​​May-Kao.

5. The central part of the island and the east coast. This part covers areas of Phuket, such as Thalang, Paklok, Phuket Town, Wichit, Chalong, Panwa (Many will say that geographically it is wrong, but it is more convenient for us to classify it). In these areas there is no boiling tourist life, but there is a boiling city life in Phuket Town for example. Not so many real estate projects, as in the resort areas, but not a little. Village villas, townhouses, condominiums - all this is at very affordable prices in these areas. For example, in the area of ​​chalong, you can buy a studio apartment for $ 40,000 (personal experience), but also earn as much as you rent next to the beach, as it will not work. It is ideal for living, as there are good kindergartens, international schools, supermarkets.

Thus, we classify an island in the company 'Island Property'. In each individual case, we are happy to help the client to understand what kind of property will be more profitable for him and more convenient. Leave a request on the site and get a free consultation on choosing a real estate area in Phuket.