Many people, when presenting their ideal life, see a picture of the sea ... Beautiful beach, small waves, caressing the sand, bright sun and palm trees. It is quite realistic to embody such a picture on your usual day. People who dream of moving to Phuket are half of our clients, the other half are people who competently invest their money. At the moment, it's no secret that any real estate in Phuket cannot be considered for investing money, as there are frankly unprofitable projects, unreliable developers and a lot of different nuances. Our experts have prepared the 10 most important mistakes that foreigners allow, buying real estate in Thailand.

1. Non-compliance of the selected object of the purpose with which the real estate is acquired. Everyone knows that people often choose those apartments or houses that they like, i.e. an important role is played by the emotional component, sometimes everything can be solved even by the color in which the walls are painted. Our position is to help clients not to make decisions emotionally, but to think about the purpose for which the real estate object is bought.

2. Lack of market monitoring. Many companies sell their clients projects that are suitable for the client, but who pay large commissions to agents. Therefore, when you are studying offers in the real estate market in Phuket, always consider several alternative offers from different companies.

3. Bad choice of the builder. The first thing that should be paid attention to the project is the developer's portfolio. Next, you need to find reviews about the developer, not basing only on what the agent and the builder says.

4. Economic miscalculation. Waiting for a quick profit from investing in real estate is one of the main mistakes. The recoupment of real estate, even on such a promising territory as Phuket, is no less than 5-7 years (private ownership), and in many cases much higher. Very carefully consider the future costs of maintenance, taxes and many other points. Do not look for a low price, because a good and cost-effective real estate cannot be very cheap.

5. Do not study the contract. Even the esteemed developers, with a large portfolio and a huge number of constructed projects make contracts in their favor. But, until the contract is signed, it is possible to make practically any amendments to it to achieve equal conditions. Remember this, and carefully read the contract.

6. Bad choice of the management company. After you have bought an apartment or a villa in order to receive a good income, you need to properly lease this property. Therefore, it is very important to choose a management company that has a large client base and good management conditions.

7. The choice of the Agent, in my opinion, with offers in the Phuket market, is the most important point. Almost all stages of the transaction depend on the agent, who will represent your interests. Many moments in checking the documents of the developer, at the choice of the object, in calculating the profitability - in this all your agent helps you.

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